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Jun 27, 2022

In this episode, Jon and Seth discuss running a Call of Cthulhu game without the influence of the Mythos in it, and they continue designing an original Call of Cthulhu adventure with some help from their patrons. 


Topic 1: Call of Cthulhu without the Mythos

This isn't new, Chaosium has several adventures that don't feature the Mythos. Including the two Blood Brother books which feature more than two dozen horror trope scenarios inspired by books and film. 

The Rescue, originally published in the first Cthulhu Companion, which was recently reprinted by Chaosium. In The Rescue, the investigators are confronted by werewolves as they try to find a missing friend. 

The Derelict, which is available in Peterson's Abominations, published by Chaosium. In  this scenario, you are aboard an ice-breaker ship that encounters an ancient polar cryptid. 

And The Code, one of the scenarios published in Chaosium's Mansions of Madness (vol.1), features an extra-dimensional creature that hunts through the time stream. 

Seth and Jon also discuss possible adjustments a Keeper can make to the Sanity mechanic in games that don't include The Mythos' ancient cosmic truths. 


Topic 2: Writing a Scenario - Part 2

In this episode, Seth and Jon propose two different ways to use the cards that were drawn as inspirations for the adventure. Each writer outlined a basic structure for an adventure, and they're asking their patrons to vote on which idea is going to be developed. 

Seth's Idea: Chloe, a young actress, is victim of a mind-swap. An elderly sorcerous has stolen Chloe's young body and trapped Chloe in a frail and decrepit body. The investigators need to not only discover the truth of the mind-swap, but also find a way to reverse it. 

Jon's Idea: Chloe is missing, and could be the victim of serpent people who want to spread their sinister influence. The investigators must find Chloe before a competing team of (bumbling) investigators ruin the clue trail and seal Chloe's fate. 

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