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Modern Mythos Pateron --


Jon Hook -- Jon has been writing Call of Cthulhu scenarios since 2009. His earliest works were published in monographs Chaosium was publishing as part of an annual Halloween contest. Jon has published Mythos-centric adventures with Goodman Games, Golden Goblin Press, and Chaosium. He's also self-published several projects on the Miskatonic Repository on Jon is also an ENnie award-winning podcaster. Jon was one of the original hosts of the Miskatonic University Podcast. 








Seth Skorkowsky -- Seth is a fantasy/horror novelist and an award-winning YouTube personality with three decades experience behind the Game Master’s Screen. He’s written scenarios for both Call of Cthulhu and Traveller. He loves audio books, travel, has a weakness for bad horror movies, and is really bad at pronouncing the names of Mythos creatures. Seth lives in Texas with his wife and a lot of miniatures he intends to paint but never does.





Edwin Nagy (Editor) -- Edwin comes to us from Maine where he teaches engineering. On the gaming front, he is a partner in Frog God Games, a longtime member of Skype of Cthulhu, an editor for the Miskatonic University Podcast, and has done freelance editing, rules translation, and writing for a variety of independent publishers. He is very excited to be on this trip with Modern Mythos. Edwin’s main RPGs are Call of Cthulhu, most editions of Dungeons & Dragons, and Swords & Wizardry, and he enjoys playing many others as the opportunities arise. 


Maxwell Mahaffa -- Max works in supply chain management by day and as a player/keeper by night! A long time cast member of The Skype of Cthulhu Podcast. Max is also one of the editors of the Ennie award winning Miskatonic University Podcast. He loves to edit and proofread game and audio media. Max is also an avid disc golfer who loves the outdoors. 


John Sumrow (Logo Artist) -- An incredibly talented artist. Please check out his website at , his Facebook page , and his Patreon at


The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (Music) -- We want to thank this amazing band for allowing us to use their song, Gluttony, as our intro and outro music. Please check out their Bandcamp site at and their official band site at