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Apr 12, 2024

In this episode, Jon and Seth are joined by Call of Cthulhu's Creative Director, Mike Mason! We talk about the new Arkham book, the further plans in the Miskatonic Valley line of books, Chaosium Con 2024, and the Basic Roleplay (BRP) Contest.


This episode was graciously sponsored by the creators of Northern Lights &...

Apr 1, 2024

A Time for Sacrifice campaign

Chapter 1: Egg Out of Time, by Ben Burns



Brett Bookout as Dr. Archibald Bleakman, an archeologist

B. Sawyer as Father Doug Roth, a two-fisted missionary priest

David Fogel as Beauregard Lafayette Fulbright, a culinary-focused dilettante

Seth Skorkowsky as Chester Stanley, Esq.,...