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Dec 20, 2021

Call of Cthulhu Credit Rating: 

For many RPGs gaining treasure is a key motivator for both PCs and Players. In CoC a character can simply begin being wealthy, removing much of that character motivation or hurdle of not being able to afford something. 

Daily Spending Level allows a certain amount of purchases to be made without any paperwork or math. 

But how does one gain or lose Credit Rating? With such large gaps between the levels, how does a PC know what their new Credit Rating is if they gain or lose a significant amount of money? 

  • Can be used to gauge contacts or ability to pull strings.
  • A high Credit Rating can negatively impact a character’s ability to be stealthy or “hide in plain sight” without first making a successful Disguise roll


What We Wished We Knew When We Started GMing: 

  • Players will never do what you expect (don’t plan for it)
  • Elaborate and complex stories are more interesting to the GM than anyone else. Players want to play, not listen to your novel
  • Knowing every rule perfectly is way less important than feeling confident in your judgement.
  • Don’t put off the game because you want it to be perfect and overprepare, just run the game. 
  • Don’t make them roll dice for meaningless reasons. (Climb a rope and roll every 10 feet, ask for Spot for obvious things)
  • Remembering that the game is about the characters, not your world
  • Too much of a good thing gets old. - Combat that is long (GM is engaged the whole time, but players only have their turn), too many traps, too many NPCs.
  • Just because the players want it doesn’t mean they should just get it. If you shower them with treasure, easy survival, munchinkined abilities, then they begin to lose meaning. Sort of like a ‘Will they or Won’t they’ on a TV show, the shine can dim once they get it. 
  • Find your voice. I tried copying my DM and sucked at it.
  • Be over the top. Getting players to roleplay is best done by roleplaying your NPCs. If it looks fun, run with it
  • Every player wants their moment in the sun. It doesn’t have to be combat-focused, but some kind of scene that accentuates and features their character’s attributes

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We want to thank Mike Mason for coming on and chatting with us.


We can’t do this show alone. We want to thank our amazing editors Max Mahaffa and Edwin Nagy for their hard work and keen skills at making us sound awesome! 


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And finally, we want to thank The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets for generously allowing us to use their song, Gluttony, as our intro and outro music. If you are a fan of Lovecraft’s writing and the Call of Cthulhu RPG, then you need to check out The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Please check out their BandCamp site and their official band site.