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Sep 20, 2021

Topic 1: Optional Uses for Characteristics
  • APP -- Change the base chance of Charm to be Half APP (Current base Charm is 15%)
  • APP -- Grant a Bonus Die on Charm, Fast Talk, and Persuasion rolls if APP is 70+, conversely grant a Penalty Die on Charm, Fast Talk, and Persuasion rolls if APP is 30-
  • APP -- Grant a Bonus Die on Intimidation rolls if APP is 30-, or a Penalty Die if APP is 70+
  • STR -- A successful Jump roll lets investigator leap a distance of One-Fifth STR in feet with a full running start
    • Currently in 7e, Jump is across or down the character’s Height, or 2x height with running start.
    • Alternative might be the base of 20% is replaced by 1/5 Str + 1/5 SIZ.
    • OR since Build is already calculated of SIZ + STR, maybe Build is Bonus Die to Jump (Build 1 = 1 Bonus, Build 2 = 2 Bonus, no unenhanced PC will have above a 2 Build)
  • SIZ -- Grant a Bonus Die on Intimidation rolls if SIZ is 70+, or a Penalty Die if SIZ is 30-
  • CON -- Investigator can hold their breath for CON x1 seconds without a penalty, then apply one Penalty Die on skills done during CON x2 seconds, then apply two Penalty Dice for skills done during CON x3 seconds. An additional Penalty Die is applied for each additional multiplier of CON in seconds. If an investigator holds their breath longer than CON x5 in seconds, then a Hard CON roll is required to not pass out for 1D6 rounds.
    • Drowning/Asphyxiation in 7e is CON roll made each round. Once failed it is 1D6 per Round until can breath.
    • Round is left intentionally vague.
Topic 2: Investigator Organizations
Investigator Organizations or ways of linking characters so that it makes sense that this band of people with wildly different backgrounds, education, and social levels would be hanging out together adventure to adventure.
  • Miskatonic Area Paranormal Society (ie: MAPS) - created by Dan Kramer (founder and co-host of the Miskatonic University Podcast
    • Inspired by the real-life TV show, Ghost Hunters and the The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS)
Chapter 6 of the CoC Investigator Handbook covers “Investigator Organizations”
  • The Wipers Pals - A group formed from a shared experience in Ypres during WWI
  • Wrath’s Circus of Wonders - A traveling troupe of circus people
  • Strange But True! - A specialized newspaper (
  • The South 13th - A group of cops from a New York police precinct
  • SKT Research Division - A multinational corporation with diverse interests
  • Novem Angelus (ie: The Nine Angels) - A group comprised of the wealthy and philanthropic
  • Ratched’s Children - A group of “cured” lunatics who’ve survived psychiatric treatments after a brush with the Mythos
  • The Resurrectionists - A group comprised of those who’ve each read one or more forbidden Mythos tomes
  • The Society for the Exploration of the Unexplained (ie: SEU) - An informal group of scholars
The CoC supplement, Terror From the Stars, published in 1986, had an investigator group supplement in the center of the book. It was called the Field Manual of the Theron Marks Society. (Unfortunately, this book is not available on DriveThruRPG)
  • Group founded by Mr. Theron Marks
  • The supplement is a 12 page book written by the fictitious Andre Stalin.
  • A variety of topics are covered:
  • Strategy
  • Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Investigative Procedures
  • Coded Communications
  • Tactical Procedures
  • Monster and the Right Weapon
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