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Aug 7, 2023

Two classic Chaosium publications, Blood Brothers and Blood Brothers 2, each include Gothic monsters as those books were designed to emulate the kind of stories seen in movies featuring those beasties. 

Oath of Blood (BB1) - features vampires

The Haunting - Walter Corbitt was essentially a vampire or at least vampire-like 


Vampire Lore is an example of Lore Specialization skill in CoC (starts at 1%) — as “Lore (Vampire)” vs EDU/Know.


Upcoming ‘Last Voyage of the Demeter’ -- 

Great New England Vampire Panic -    1854 

Mercy Brown - Exeter, Rhode Island - Exhumed her body in 1892 two months after burial and removed and burned her heart, then mixed ashes into a potion for a sick family member to drink (he died anyway 2 months later)


Goth subculture - 


Part of the fun in the classic monster movies is seeing the heroes explore and discover the truth or falsehood of the folklore pertaining to the monster. The Keeper can play with this so the investigators have their own unique experience in discovering those truths: 

  • Do vampires need to be invited over a threshold? 

  • Does silver injure vampires? 

  • Do holy symbols repel vampires? Must they only be wielded by someone with unfaltering faith? Will any holy symbol work? 

  • Can the bite of a vampire be cured? 

  • If a “parent” monster is destroyed, does that destroy/release/cure any of the “children” that they sired? 

  • Can vampires shapeshift into other forms? 

  • Do vampires only feed on blood? (book says POW, but what if CON or STR to represent blood-loss like Lucy in Dracula)

  • Can Vampires change appearance? Anne Rice their hair was always exactly the length as it was when they died, One character was groomed and shaved before he was transformed because of that.

  • Various folklore from around the world -

    • Aswangs from Phillipines

    • Penanggalan from Malasia

    • Babalonia and Assyiria had Lilitu which possibly links to stories of Lilith. 

Popular folklore the Players and likely the PCs are familiar with, but PCs have to discover which folklore is true. - EX: Lost Boys garlic didn’t work of vampires, American Werewolf in London any bullet worked (in fact the silver bullet folklore came from Hollywood).

Lost Boys premiere date: July 31, 1987 (36th anniversary)

Take a page from World of Darkness and different kinds of Vampires (Nosferatu, Ventru, Brujah, etc). Or as vampire becomes older more powerful if looks less and less human (or more and more human)


In Seth’s Valducan series I had 2 types. One was if the vampire took them over before death and the other was after death.


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