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Dec 19, 2022

In this episode, Seth and Jon share tips, tricks, and habits every player should know, and how GMs might consider addressing problematic players.
Player Tips
  • Do prep-work before the game (pick that skill/power from leveling last game)
  • Remember Other People in the room - Hogging Time/Spotlight
  • Avoid Distractions (phones, crafting, etc.)
  • Look out for other players’ fun
  • Learn your character’s skills/powers/spells/gear
  • Help the GM keep the game going (sometimes by telling the GM to focus up)
  • Make a character that would do the adventure (little metagaming involved)
  • Talk to the GM and inform of problems/concerns/wants
  • Never forget that the goal is fun, not necessarily winning. Many horror games have PC deaths, but that’s part of the fun of horror games.
  • Trust the GM – if it seems like the GM is implying that the next stage of the adventure is “East,” then take whatever precautions seem wise and try going East, despite the chaotic urge you may have to go “West.”
  • If playing in-person with a group, offering to assist with food, drinks, and cleanup is always good.
  • Online playing - show up on time
  • Online playing - ensure your technology is working
  • Make Notes
Dealing with Problem Players
  • Determine cause. Is it a reaction to boredom or other player. Determine if the bad behavior is a symptom of a larger problem.
  • Talk to them - might not understand they’re causing issues
  • Using the game to punish them only makes it worse (the temptation is real)
  • Every single time I’ve booted a player from our group the games instantly improved.
  • Watch for signs of problem players, like during character creation… are they excited to make a character who can be a source of chaos in the game?
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