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Sep 19, 2022

In this episode, we’ll be imagining changes we’d like to see in an imaginary 8th Edition of Call of Cthulhu.

  • Automatic fire – Simplify the skill roll based on difficulty of hitting the target, ignore bullets fired. Introduce snap fire? 
  • Sanity/Mythos - Prefer the idea of relationships and cherished things being sacrificed as SAN disappears or to recover. Rather than a possible consequence for Bout of Madness.
  • Sanity Loss - Mythos San (permanent) vs. Jump-scare San (temp)
  • Credit rating - As with older editions, more about Credit being “reputation” and a reward for completing missions, rather than simply financial status.
  • Tightening Skills - Combine Spot and Listen, and have it include Touch and Taste sense
  • APP, SIZ having more effect on Social Skills – new base %, similar to how Dodge is ½ DEX – Charm as ½ APP, Intimidate as ½ SIZ or STR, Persuade as ½ INT… that kind of thing
  • Some sort of Education Packages (a Character with 80 EDU is super-educated, so something to reflect more of a focused academic path) or clearer use when and how to apply Know Rolls for various science and languages.
  • Characters coming from backgrounds that would be bilingual, maybe some means to allow that without costing the full Skill Points of a 2nd language. Like instead of your EDU in the primary language, you get you EDU in your primary language and half your EDU in a secondary one (so an EDU of 60 is 60 in Primary and 30 in secondary)
  • Is there a way to increase EDU after the game starts? (Training a Skill p98)
  • Aging - Young Characters, like 10-18
  • Transferable (p78/79) - First Aid/Medicine.  Operate Hvy Machinery/Drive.  Electrical Repair/Mechanical Repair,  Mechanical Repair/Locksmith, Electrical Repair/ Demolitions, Natural World/Astronomy/Navigate, Natural World/Biology, Anthropology/Archeology/History

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