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Aug 15, 2022

Pateron voting results: Jon’s plot idea is selected
Jon's Idea: Chloe is missing, and could be the victim of serpent people who want to spread their sinister influence. The investigators must find Chloe before a competing team of (bumbling) investigators ruin the clue trail and seal Chloe's fate. Low-budget grindhouse movie shot in the Philippines. Name of movie: Raining Blood!
Seth did a lot of research on what it was like for Hollywood to make cheap exploitation movies in the Philippines back in the 1970s, which included watching a documentary called Machete Maidens Unleashed.
A minor earthquake opened a section of a cave being used by the film crew, which initiated the problem with the formless spawn.
NPCs to be created:
  • Chloe’s Agent
  • Film Director
  • Film Producer
  • Punong-Bayan (Filipino town mayor)
  • Chloe’s Agent’s Contact in the Philippines
  • Filipino Film Editor
  • Filipino Cameraman
  • WWII War Vet (American ex-pat) - stories of surviving the voormis monster
Next up: Seth and Jon will finalize the list of locations that will be used in the scenario, since this will directly impact what maps need to be created.
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