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May 17, 2021

In this episode, Jon and Seth go into great detail on a couple of Call of Cthulhu scenarios, and give suggestions on how a Keeper could successfully run these scenarios for their players. 

Jon -- The Code, 2020, by Chris Lackey, Mansions of Madness vol.1: Behind Closed Doors, 31pgs. 

  • Sandbox
  • Lots of room for the Keeper to modify it on the fly during play
  • Could be easily adapted to Pulp Cthulhu 
  • Built-in hook - investigators are all friends of the subject scientist in the scenario 
  • Tight cast of NPCs
  • Good map of the house
    • Could benefit from a map of the barn
  • One draw-back -- the journal handout is way to many pages - pacing of the game can be dramatically slowed down as the players take time to read the handout and absorb it 


Seth - Blackwater Creek, 2015, by Scott Dorward, Keeper Screen Pack “Missed Dies & Blackwater Creek, 38 pages (plus character sheets for pregens)

  • Sandbox (no order to completion)
  • Multiple hooks provided (Academic or Bootlegger)
  • Various Maps, NPCs
  • Pregens (complaint: only Bootleggers)
  • Complaint: map shows some Keeper marks
  • Art makes Corruption appear very extreme
  • Subtly needed. Let the wrongness grow
  • Cult that sprung up, Children of the Corn” vibe
  • People called to Town
  • Worked into Madness in Londontown

The guys also talk about setting your Call of Cthulhu game in a modern setting. How can technology be used to enhance the horror? How do you handle an investigator's reliance on smart phones?

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